With over 7 years of dedicated experience,

I've honed my skills as a Developer, Music Artist, and a 3D Artist.

Through my journey, I've garnered invaluable insights and expertise in each domain.

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Game Development REDDOOR steam fps zombie game made by JKFY
REDDOOR the player must survive against endless rounds of the undead, opening and clearing doors and using weapons, perks, utilities, and Power-Ups to their advantage to survive.
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Web Development JKFY.FI site is the best and I am too
This site you are looking at.
From the ground up NEW, FRESH, UNIQUE
SEO 100/100
music Music from JK published on spotify
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From instrumental classics to electronic dance music there is something for you.
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With 7+ years in web development, I excel in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and WordPress, crafting from prototypes to e-commerce platforms. In Unity, I master C# for Google Play and Steam games, AR/VR apps, and smart city solutions. As a 3D artist, I sculpt Blender models and rig characters for games. Skilled in social media management, I drive engagement across platforms. Published on Spotify, I produce diverse music genres with FL Studio. Python powers my AI projects, from chatbots to music voice generation.

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